Thanks to application of the modern glass panes with a noble gas (argon) in the space between glasses of the standard insulation coeficient U=1,1 W/m²K our windows may radically limit the heat loss.

Heat-insulating glass

Standard heat-insulating glass-pane consists of two glass sheets. Premium low-emission coating is placed on the internal sheet on the inside of the chamber. The coating is formed through powder sprinkling, by the way of magnetronic method of many thin layers ef metals and oxides on the surface of glass. It has the property of deflecting long wave radiation, however, almost without any loss, lets througt short wave radiation (solar). Filling the space between glasses with a noble gas, such as argon or krypton, additionnally lowers heat loss in the room.

Sound absorbing glass

Apart from very vital protection from heat loss, protection from noise is essential. It has considerable influence on the quality of our life. Sound absorbing glass should be used everywhere, where it is not possible to eliminate or limit the source of noise. everywhere, where it is not possible to eliminate or limit the source of noise. High protective properties are acquired through: use of laminated glass, built using special screens drastically improving acoustic properties of the glass, an increase of weight of the glass, i.e. use of at least one large sheet of glass, asymmetric composition of insulating glass, filling of spaces between sheets of glass with heavy sound absorbing gases. Depending on the construction the sound absorbing panes may achieve Rw properties within bounds of 30-52 dB.

Solar control glass

With regard to the appearance and the influence of the glass to the solar radiation reduction we can distinguish two basic kinds of solar control glasses:

  • ANTISOL - float absorbing glass, flat and transparent, however pulp-coloured to blue, brown, grey or green.
  • REFLEX - float reflective glass, flat and transparent, however pulp-coloured to blue, brown, grey or green and coated with metal oxide in order to obtain the proper reflection effect.

Safety glass

The safety glasses should be used in all the places where the risk of glass breaking is present, and the people could be exposed to the injuries caused by sharp bits of glass (hospitals, schools, day nurseries, shop-windows). Safety glass is a system, which apart from its basic function, heat insulation, incorporates one laminated glass that visually does not differ from traditional glass.
Another kind of safety glass is tempered glass. Through the process of tempering the increased resistance is achieved and in case of breaking the glass falls to small pieces of the blunt edges which don't cause any risk of injuries. This kind of glass is very often used for front elevations.

Decorative glass

Current tendency to create architectonic solutions on the base of transparent glass requires from the decorative glass to transmit the light beeing untransprent at the same time. The kind of glass which ideally meets all these conditions is the ornamental glass. In our offer there are many various types of ornamental glasses from many glass producers. The suitable choice of the glass structure gives the possiblity of strenghten or weaken the transparency degree.