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Window fittings

Tilt&turn autoPilot Concept is a well-known for many years window locking system. It enables many configurations depending on the needs of the customer. The appearance of autoPilot on the market has initiated the new generation of the fitting systems.

The autoPilot fitting from Winkhaus as a standard is equipped with:

  • eccentric roll pins with manual adjustment of sash clamp to window frame within the range of +/-0,8mm;
    eccentric roll pins
  • at least one anti-burglary hitch cooperates with steel interlocking pin in the corner pin made of steel in the corner.
  • AutoPilot corners, equipped with 3 springy steel tapes, fastened in corner guide, provide a fluent transfer of drive and long-lasting functioning.
  • 37mm casement bolt travel guarantees secure interlocking and long-lasting functioning
    casement bolt
  • shear hinge and frame hinge with a wide range of adjustment; shear hinge enables placing the frame hitch in the upper corner (81mm from the egde of the frame) - it increases the stability of the connection between the sash and the frame as well as the tightness of the window and the anti-burglary resistance.
    shear hinge and frame hinge
  • support of closing the sash in tilt position – in case of large windows, windows with very hard seal or exposed to a strong wind factor – by a simple manual adjustment the scope of this function can be increased. After turning the cam on shear arm OR (from rebate direction) the fitting automatically pulls the sash up to the frame from the distance of 18mm.
  • micro-ventilation mechanism, operated by specific positioning of the handle (45° from upper position).
    micro-ventilation mechanism
  • handle turn lock ALS-FSS forces an accurate use of the window, i.e. unables attempt to open the tilt window
    handle turn lock ALS-FSS
  • hinge caps available in the wide range of colours: white, brown, silver, steely, "aged gold" and brassy.
    hinge caps